Sunken and boss items Shop! Click on this now (Includes strong oath, Strong axe/Swift, Swift sunken sword

Dm me at Bugzy#0890 (on discord)


  • Hard Sunken Chest
  • Hard Sunken Helm ----------------> (Full Hard sunken set!)
  • Hard sunken pants
  • Clean Sunken Chest x2
  • Strong sunken helm x2
  • Bursting Sunken Chest
  • Clean sunken boots x3
  • Strong Sunken boots
  • Bursting sunken helm
  • Destructive Sunken Helm x2
  • Forceful Sunken Helm
  • Nimble sunken helm
  • Swift Sunken Sword
  • Clean sunken helm


  • Clean Exiled helm x3
  • Clean Exiled Boots x2
  • Forceful Exiled Chest
  • Forceful Exiled Helm
  • Nimble Exiled helm
  • Bursting Exiled Boots
  • Swift Exiled Boots
  • Clean WoJ x2


  • Clean Mino Chest x6
  • Clean Mino Boots x6
  • Clean Mino Helm x5
  • Clean Vistira x2
  • Hard Mino Axe x3
  • Strong Mino axe

My Discord is Bugzy#0890
I also have 3k bait and some wizard stuff
Mostly looking for hard Sunkens, Strong sunken sword,
Bal: 2K crown

are you trading an oathkeeper? if you arent im interested in a sunken sword(any) and what would you want for it

would you trade clean exile boots for a full set of clean mino armor?

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