Sunken Chests

Sunken Chests
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What are sunken Chests?

Sunken chests would be a new type of chests only found in Diving Spots/ Underwater structures. They would have to be dug via shovel and can be opened like a normal chest. These chests would have a different lootpool than normal chests, being more galleon heavy and also including Sunken items (scrolls could possibly also be included?)

Why should this be a feature?

The main reason why sunken chests should exist is to nerf how rare sunken items are. Sunken items are rather strong at their current state, being the meta for magic size but that will quickly change as future updates come along. Right now sunkens (besides unobtainables) are the rarest items ingame, having a 1/2000 chance to fish up ANY sunken. For an item that is RARE class and will most likely be outclassed rather quickly in the future, it should NOT be this rare.

Sunken chests would give a better gameplay-wise, and lore-wise way to obtain them. They could still be a rare drop like 1/80, however, they would still be much more accessible to those who want them. This would also encourage players to use diving spots other than just getting sealed chests. If Vetex also wants to add more sunken items in the future, it would be a waste adding in an item if less than 1% of the player base plans on using them.

This also can promote use of upgrading the shovel, since as of now there is practically no use in getting a golden shovel other than solving treasure charts slightly quicker. Having a higher tier shovel means that there is less of a risk of drowning (presuming you aren’t using water breathing) and you can go up for air much quicker

This also makes sense lore-wise, as sunkens are pieces of regular gear that were basically marinated in magic-polluted water for a long time, and underwater structures also seemingly have been existent for a long time. It would make sense for these structures to CONTAIN sunken gear as they both have been there for a long time.

Of course, sunkens could still be accessible via fishing, and Vetex can keep the same rates if he pleases, but having multiple ways to get a “rare” item makes the game feel like it gives you much more of a sense of freedom. If you have any criticisms please let me known in the replies and also please vote so Vetex can see this :+1:


ngl I’m disappointed this wasn’t already implemeneted
Also why did you bold everything? Makes it harder to read

I was going to make the reasonings only be italicized twice but i forgot :upside_down_face:

Traders hate you.
I don’t.


this is reasonable but vetex has been pretty adamant on not making sunkens obtainable by any way other than fishing

Makes no sense for ordinary sunken gear as it was supposed to incentivise fishing but it could have its own different sunken loot

There will be better fishing rods and rarer, better sunken gear kn the future

I generally like this, maybe add decent rates to said sunken chests but otherwise this makes alot of sense, sunken chests in sunken locations. Hope vetex adds this just so people don’t haft to give like 2-5 seasonals for a set of sunken gear
W suggestion sir. :moyai:

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A great suggestion that actually encourages players to try out the update. Also means that people no longer are forced to sit there for days just to get a blue armor piece or a water sword.

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That is an excuse now. The main incentive of fishing right now is galleons, and the only way to make the best of the best food. If vetex wants to keep Sunkens in fishing that is more than fine honestly, I wouldn’t even be mad if he added more fishing-exlcusive items since any fishing enjoyer such as myself LOVES rare items from fishing, but what i can say about sunkens is that 1/2k is complete bs. It could take someone hours upon h hours and they still probably wont get a sunken without pity. Why would different sunken loot be included but not the og?

Better rods won’t matter really. Even if a rod had a 5x rarity chance on items, or fished 5x faster, it would still take HOURS of fishing if you are not lucky, and that is just for base sunkens. As you said rarer and stronger sunken loot will be introduced in the future, so it would be even HARDER to attain those sunkens. Locking a weapon behind spending hours doing a mundane task is simply not fun game design at all

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The core principle about making such gear easier to gain acces to is a great idea. I don’t mind players being able to get good loot from underwater structures.

The things I’m not a fan of, is that it takes away from fishing, and the feeling of getting reward upon fishing for hours upon hours.
If we introduced sunken gear from sunken chests, i would also want a significant buff to the droprate of sunkens from fishing in the first place. I just think sunken is better as a fishing exclusive item, and I do not want to see casual players driping what I find to be very rare gear.

The whole point is to make it less rare. Sunken Items are “Rare” items, For context that is vindicator tier. Why should they be as tedious, and possibly as rare as potentially an ancient magic or the such. Sunkens will be quickly outclassed so what is the point in keeping them rare in the future?

The whole point isn’t to take away the purpose of fishing. Fishing is there to get the best food in the game and serves as a good way to get galleons. If vetex wants he can add stuff like getting sealed chests from fishing (which in retrospect would make for a really good feature) for the more hardcore fans but you already have things like master angler and Collasal squids, which allow you to make completely GAMEBREAKING meals

Don’t see why not, in any case if someone wants to fish for their sunkens it still shouldn’t be insanely easy but it should be much more punishing than using the intended method

nowhere in the game is the sunken pity mentioned so this supposed goal wouldn’t even exist for the majority of the playerbase

I know most people in the community have an irrational and irresponsible view on the economy 98% of the time, but this is extreme; 1/80 is way too common. Not only is it way too late to be changing the rarities of sunkens, this would absolutely NUKE the economy, hurting the average player more than any trader due to how much even more value seasonals would get, making it impossible for the average player to ever get any old seasonal acessory. The sunken pity already makes up for this, and is not very hard to reach. No thanks.

If you want sunkens with high value to be a thing, try to get Vetex to work towards adding different tiers/rarities to sunkens. Say in Nimbus we get our Sunken Champion equivalent in AO, but it’s exotic rarity, and the sea after the sunkens will be legendary. Maybe even add some more sunken accessories but this one is more debatable.
All sunkens would still have the unique characteristic of scaling to level 1000 though. However, if we’re talking strictly rarity and methods of obtainment. There could also be a sea bonus for certain sunken drops, encouraging fishing in different seas.

Current Sunkens (Rare)
Fishing → 1/500 or 1/750
Pity could be 1/750 or 1/1200 respectively
Sealed Chests → 1/80 or 1/100
No pity for these

Exotic Sunken tier
Fishing → 1/3000
Pity is 1/4500
Sealed chests → 1/400 or 1/500

Legendary Sunken tier
Fishing → 1/10000
Pity is 1/15000
Sealed chests → 1/1500 or 1/2000

Sea Bonuses work as a luck multiplier of sorts, so if a sunken is 1/1500 it has a multiplier of 1.1, then it becomes: ~1/1363
Bronze Sea:
Sea Bonus: 1.05x Chestpiece and Sunken Sword (Rare), 1.02x Chestpiece (Exotic), 1.01x Chestpiece (Legendary)

Nimbus Sea
Sea Bonus: 1.05x Leggings (Rare), 1.025x Leggings (Exotic), 1.01x Leggings (Legendary)

You get the idea, I didn’t mention weapons because while I’d expect them I’m not fully certain of them or what types.

Traders hate you. Im waiting for the sunken titanium set

I legit was gonna make the same post once I got the ability to lol, very nice idea

If you traded your event items for sunken iron armor that’s honestly your fault for thinking it’ll stay viable endgame, if I had sunken items I’d be throwing that garbage at traders as fast as I could to stock up on high value event items lol.

Sunken Iron set has absolutely no reason to be
1: Half as rare as it currently is.
2: Fishing exclusive.

The only reason it was fishing exclusive was so people might actually fish, but now cooking is in the game so there’s a really good reason to fish.

But you see, at this moment in the game the cooking system itself is quite flawed, only taking the size of the fish into consideration, and gold fish just being worse then their giant counterpart. (this hole thing is something i want to adress when i can make my own suggestions)
So items from fishing still kind of need to stay to make it interesting, unless fishing profession makes it much more fun.

I think that there should be 2 sunken chests