Sunken Sword for sunken warrior pants and helmet

Id prefer it with tier 2 enchants n stuff but its not required. If you have powerful, armored, or brisk two of any of those are good. DM or ping me in vetcord: jjsbizarrename if interested.

Trying not to grossly oversell because it sucks and stuff but I do really want the pants and helmet. Please buy only if you need the sword and are not looking to resell.

also I deleted my earlier offer because it made me feel like shit and gross with myself

bad deal…

this is horrible nobody will say yes to this, not even to one armor piece

your sunken sword for the 2 armour pieces?

I already traded it anyways but I dare you to try and find a better deal in the coming week. I think that offer was a good one.


bro knows nothing about trading

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