Sunken sword

What are the most valued sunken swords?

strong sunken swords at level 90

is a hard sunken worth less than a normal?

strong is the most valuable with clean only being slightly more valuable than swift.
hard is the worst enchant both valuewise and pvp wise.
swift is the best enchant pvp wise

Will strong sunken swords become more combat viable compared to swift variations in AO?

Well I assume so because they have no range attacks so you might try to hit them once with the ability and if it was strong it would do more dmg then if it were swift. Even if he does change them then you will still want strong.

Most likely. Why it isnt that pvp viable rn is cuz it’s dmg is bugged. It doesnt apply the 1.2x dmg boost properly if youre using strength. Tho in ao it will get fixed meaning that strong weapons for weapons mains would get a huge dmg buff.

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