Sunken sword

Is fishing this up worth my time? im running a strength build. Whats its dmg like?

sunken is good, but its far easier to scam a child out of it rather than fish it up yourself.



no no, morally ambiguous stonks

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There are no morals when it comes to trading


I wouldn’t go fish for it. If you’re unlucky, you could spend an absurd amount of time fishing for it. There is a 10% chance it will take more than 3000 fish to get it.


About a 10% chance of not getting it after 18,419 tries*

So a 10% chance to get it past 18,419 attempts

But most good sunken fishers don’t actually fish up fish and only fish when they spot a bag

thats fucked up, im not getting it now, for the fish chance to get that and the dmg it deals is not worth. more like a collectors item

yeah, it’s INCREDIBLY hard to obtain from fishing alone; thus making the item’s price in the trading community absurdly high.
you’d have to spend hours, if not days to a certain extent, of your free time, sitting on your chair and fishing in a magic game

used for pvp too, but yeah it’s mainly a collectors’ item in my opinion

For certain magics, a sunken sword is essential for me.

Ok mr. rich, we’re not all as fortunate as you are.

You’re right. I was calculating for every sunken item instead of just a sword.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to try and flex :frcryin:

like earth :smiling_imp:

Frrrrr :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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