Sunkens may be getting wiped. Thoughts?


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Maybe we should pay more closer attention to these guys If we don’t want our crap to be wiped lol.

Isn’t identifying the duper and deleting all items with his/her name enough? Why the need for global wipe?

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Since I’m grinding gems as well, might as well ask…
How much r we talking about here. Like how much were there. 100? 200?

vetex try to fix his game instead of wiping progress challenge (impossible)


I sure do hope what vetex said was “heat-of-the-moment” type response, because, as said verbatim, it’s a stupid move and doesn’t fix the issue. it’s fighting fire with fire; going for the nuclear option without considering less destructive choices.

now I myself may have not been much involved in the sunken grind during wom, but I know of many community members who’ve put in a lot of investment into fishing. it’s quite obvious that wiping sunkens (even as a last resort) amounts to nothing but create more complaints and doesn’t hit the target it’s supposed to hit in the first place.

it’s moments like these where vetex should really think about what he says, because it affects the future of his game

I haven’t gotten sunkens ever nor have I tried to grind for them but hearing that message from Vetex really does not make me wanna get them. Also that message is extremely unfair theres so many people that has dozens of sunkens so for all of them to get wiped is pretty dumb. Im no game developer but I know there has to be a better way to handle this situation. I hope it does not have to come to this.

over 6000 gems of all types per exploiter

If it happens I am gonna put my fish caught to 6000 and after it happens I am gonna fish 1 more for free Sunken

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Yup. Knew it. This is why you don’t take suspiciously good trades people. Someone tried giving me a sunken helm and several easter items for free I knew there was something up with that.

All these years of TF2 scammers trying to get my items have prepared me well.

honest to god if someone gave me free duped unusuals im taking that shi without a second thought

I wouldn’t worry that much, I think the “Nuclear” option would simply be to delete all sunken, and then give players the amount of sunken they’ve already fished up, or the amount that the pity would have already earned them.

So, if you’ve fished them up they you’re probably going to be fine, but if you traded for them then it’s time to panic. (If I’m correct.)

imagine rejecting that, just trade THOSE to a sucker for REAL SEASONALS

Nah man, that’s messed up. Besides, the mods can see ur trade logs.

they can? where did you get that info?

Well, that’s how they trace stuff that dupers sent out. No one source in specific.

Hm. Wonder if that problem is something that could have been solved with ItemID on rare items like what basically every other game on this platform with player-trade based economies do :thinking:

Almost as if this was an option you really need in a platform as riddled with exploiters as roblox :thinking:

Almost as if that was already an issue in WoM :thinking:

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I’ve been saying for the longest while that vetex needs a PR team, so far literally every decision and choice since release he’s made has been against the playerbase.
Banned commodore kai/merlot farming
banned bounty board farming
He’s literally doing everything in his power to make just playing harder for your average joe.
When the only thing to do in your game is experimenting and pvping, don’t make it hard for somebody to experiment and pvp.

I never really cared about getting a sunken to be honest because it’s just way too rare, and the main/only way of obtaining it (fishing) is boring to do for the hours you need to freaking catch one. This just means they were even less worth it to grind for in my eyes.

Vetex should just add a serial code for very rare items. If they are the same code, they should be deleted immediately