Sunkens may be getting wiped. Thoughts?

Silly dupers up to their silly shenanigans which may result in this silly game getting silly sunkens wiped silly. To those who have a collection of sunkens, will you be quitting if this actually happens? Is the economy doomed? (Hint: It already is)

Through some digging, turns out the duper in question is “stuckz”, but don’t take my word for it.

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Hopefully not :melting_face:
I pray that my singular sunken doesn’t get wiped because that would be terrible.

Real talk, I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal if we started adding a “dateGenerated” hidden variable for specific items. This would make it easier if Vetex could just wipe Items generated AFTER a specific period of the dupe. This way people get to actually keep items that were obtained legitamently and make it easier to find duped items. If 5+ sunken helms have the exact same time down to the minute, then they should be extremely suspect and up for deletion


looks like a duper

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uh oh

I’m not sugarcoating it anymore

This is the dumbest and most self destructive thing I’ve ever seen vetex say.

I’m genuinely in awe that he said this without a hint of irony.

It’s times like these where defending him starts to go from hard to literally impossible.


Hell nah. Anyway, I don’t expect that to occur because seasonals have already been duped like crazy, and they were not wiped.

I understand that AO has had a large target when it comes to exploiting, especially more than other games, but I don’t think wiping all sunkens will resolve anything. The problem would still be there, and entire new sunkens wil be duped. It is better to have the economy suffer than to have all players’ sunkens wiped, causing a large portion of players to quit. Vetex should find the issue, solve it, probably remove any items in the game from that specific player and other exploiters (if possible), and just keep it moving.

At best, it’s a bandaid solution to a problem that’ll just continue after the wipe.

At worst, it’s punishing players who spent hours upon hours getting sunkens legitimately, massively more than dupers, who’ll just continue to dupe on a new account as if nothing had happened.

It’d make more sense to just disable trading until a fix can be found.


Vetex on his way to wipe sunkens(they take days, weeks, sometimes even months just to get one)

I’ve sneezed smarter moves than wiping Sunkens, or any item, really. It’s a “fix” that will last for less time than the Gizmondo, since all it takes is for one duper to get lucky with fishing or trading, find another duping method, and make all the Sunken items they want. I also hate anything to do with punishing people who got them legitimately.

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This is a horrible idea. Its just a shitty bandaid patch that harms the people that worked for it more than the dupers

We got it under control, so it hasn’t gotten out of hand. I understand the stress, but what vetex said is really only a last resort.

Gems were wiped because they were MASS produced and distributed by exploiters, while sunkens haven’t gotten anywhere near that point.


I wouldn’t quit AO because of this but it would definitely leave a bad taste. Majority of the community spent huge amounts of time farming for this, wiping it just like that because of a few people would be very disrespectful towards our time.


ngl i dont really care about the items wipes that much partially because how i view the game

like i pretty much see ao as a beta test so i dont really treat it as anything more, not saying its not good in its current state

no pls noooo

Thing is he’s just giving dupers a permanent goal to work towards now instead of temporarily affecting the economy…

it would be funny to see the already broken economy break even more

what else do we do