Super-speed is better than telekinesis

Title says it all

(This is disregarding physics as they severely limit super-speed.)

So theres tons of people who say that telekinesis is a super-powerful power, and while that’s true, I think there’s a power that’s better than telekinesis, that being super-speed. I think this because:

1.Reaction Time

Most speedsters can move faster than the human eye can see or react to, and telekinetics aren’t really an exception. There mostly isn’t a way for telekinetics to speed up how fast their brain works to the level comparable to that of a speedster, and therefore in an actual fight it would probably be the speedster that would win.

2.Damage Per Second/DPS

Telekinetics can do a bunch of stuff, yeah, but they still move at normal human speed. Sure, they could summon a bunch of icicles or projectiles or objects or whatever, but they’d still throw them at normal human speed, while the Flash can throw 600 punches in a second without breaking a sweat.



4.They’re just faster
The main reason why speedsters should be the most powerful character in any universe they exist in, but that is mainly it. In any fair fight, a speedster should win. In any unfair fight, you can gaurantee a telekinetic would win; but let’s be real here, how many times do you see that type of scenario playing out? Moving on, though, telekinesis is still an awesome power, but I just think that super-speed is better.

(insert mic drop)

You would instantly die if you use super-speed. Because of your cinetic energy when you stop you will be instantly evaporated.

literally just me

they can just use telekinesis to move themselves though, its not as good as super speed because of their limited reaction time but they aren’t totally helpless when it comes to movement

you cant just dodge telekinesis…
you can move faster than the telekinetic can react but thats not dodging it

i agree that a speedster would most likely beat a telekinetic i still think telekinesis is more powerful
(also any good telekinetic would stomp cw flash he’s so fucking stupid)

Yeah but you can fly a remote to your hand if you already got up before but don’t feel like getting up again. That’s a much cooler superpower than being fast and stuff


No, because I can pick up the remote and plop back into my couch in less than a second

still takes more effort than telekinesis, also unless your super-speed includes very enhanced stamina its probably useless


can he beat

Well obviously if your in a fight against someone who just has super speed and someone who just has telekinesis it’s not fair. Tho most of the time telekinesis comes with higher reaction speed. But yeah it really ain’t a fair fight