Suspicious amount of gems

One of guild members sent this. Although it’s more than possible to be legitimate.


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walter with the crystals

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thanos of gems


maybe considering he’s just giving it away lol

There’s an exploit for gem farming


That’s the one

could be if they’ve been playing from wom and have hundreds of hours in AO (assuming since they have halloween items)

according to the guild member, there’s an exploit to get gems.

general dupe or does it only work on gems?

apparently there’s an exploit that lets you break rocks really fast for gems not a dupe. This is all speculation until there’s video proof so take it with a grain of salt.

everyone with a headless/more then one sunken set just breathed a sigh of relief lmao

No its not speculation I found the script

There is a dupe exploit but this isn’t it

oh, it’s an actual script which means it’s a hack and requires something like synapse?

Yes, it’s public
The dupe exploit is private so I can’t report it

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100% sure it exists?

Yes they are selling a dupe service publicly and have made video evidence of duping 200 sunken swords

oh is it the person plugging their discord on global chat