Imagine if certain combinations of things would synergize.

Like guns and cannonfist.
Congratulations, you have now broken all possible laws of physics and are now firing cannonballs from a god damn flintlock.

discuss more synergies in the replies

also view check

I can fight rn

is lettuce able to?

water magic imbued on a sunken sword makes the sword unusable (its slipping out of your hands)


…useful synergies-

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uh idk


Greatclub + Cannonfist
Ironleg + Cannonfist
Flintlock + Sand magic
Flintlock + Water magic
Sailorfist + Literally anything with a sharp edge (Using knives whilst drunk is not recommended for any sailors - Grand Navy PSA)

fire imbued fighting styles deal consistent burn damage to you

That literally is what infusing cannon fist into guns does, though…

Not yet I’m at school

…does it?

since when?

Gun + Conjurer (Or Savant, after 2nd Awakening): Can now shoot without needing bullets. Reload time is altered to be closer to Blast CD, though the different gun types obviously still have variance. Basically, you shoot blast spells at people.
Metal Magic + Shields: Shields regenerate, somewhat slowly. Also, broken shields get fixed faster.

The DOTs of hot magics stack 2 times with thermofist and thermofist loses burn. (unless the magic is fire)
Water imbued on sailorfist causes the user to automatically refill seawater.
Scimitars of Storm and Thunderspear both paralyze on moves when imbued with lightning or water.
Metal, Earth, and Wood reload bullets faster when imbued but do not use or gain effects from bullets. (The idea here is that you are creating the bullets using magic)
Solid magics create their respective debris when using smash while imbued.

-Using a Heat based magic on Thermofist repleaces Burn with Pyrolysis, which is basically a 2x dmg burn not cleansed by liquid magics or seawater, at the cost of overheating causing you to suffer Burn.
-Using wind magic on Boxing causes your strikes to create sonic booms that send people flying with a minor hitstun (like, half a second tops)
-Using Metal magic on Iron Leg makes your attacks and movement even slower, with noticeable startup, as you basically carry a slab of raw metal on your leg, but makes you hit like a freight train, to the point where your M1’s damage ship hulls.

Now that I think about it, how tf do most of these fighting-style infused weapon skills work anyway?

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