Taiju's Shop

Taiju's Shop
convenience 0.0 0 fairness 4.0 1 trustworthiness 5.0 1


1x axe slash scroll

2x poison tooth dagger

2x pulsar

1x bursting kai saber

1x Vindicator

2x magma rams

1x Calvus chest

1x all cernyx drops

1x all carina drops

2x carina leggings

1x carina pauldron

2x triasta

2x bursting scroll

2x all elius armor and the whole outfit in red

1x elius spear

523 hunger Regeneration III 56 minute meal

Over 700 hunger Regeneration IV 1 hr 20 min meal

Lf: sunken, overpay, seasonals, or calvus gear

NLF: galleons, useless items that aint drip, calvus for my calvus**

i have:

x4 bursting scrolls
x4 amplified scrolls
x4 hard scrolls
x2 (or 3?) strong scrolls
x2 axe-slash
x1 pulsar
hard defense amulet
shadow arcsphere
15k+ galleons

i’m interested in getting the poison dagger