TAITC's guide on how to jump on a trend (Reply for my Honest Opinion Thread in disguise)

Hey everyone, TAITC here
and today I’ll be teaching you how to jump on a trend.
Now, the first thing to do is to credit the person who started the trend in the first place

See? We’re almost halfway done.
Now, Copy & Paste the text from the original thread, or slightly change it.

“Prepare lads and gals.”

And, that’s it. Congrats, you’ve now successfully jumped on the trend.
now all we have to do now is wait for the replies to come in and have some fun.

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making rants every single day makes me kinda scared of what’s been pissing you off every day
you’re pretty cool though

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🧑‍⚕ :syringe:

:hospital: :cat2: :cat2: 🚶‍♂

Don’t be a house cat, or you’ll die by a doctor with a pointy stick.

You’re cryptic as hell and i hate that
but i also love that as well
stay weird as fuck

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I always get that for some reason, but will do Scooby Doo


you’re the best
i have no other words

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as a fellow trendhopper

the famous creator of bacon himself
you’re pretty rad if i’m being totally honest
then again that’s what I’ve been saying for like all of these
so idk

hey how do you even get all these memes with a person resembling sun tzu in them?>

your mom

no u

oh well I’m the one whos benifitting here
my meme arsenal is expanding

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and another in my arsenal


I will resort to copypastas


remember that rants was a trend