Techniques and fighting style ideas

Throw: smash into the ground the pull up a chunk of debris and throws that the enemies
Whirlwind (idea from Carina’s attack): the user spins on the ground creating a tornado that deals damage
Flash (idea Carina’s attack): the user moves so fast that they looks like just disappear into the air and teleport
Swipe: the user stay in the position swipe their limb at the enemies creating a huge force send your opponent into the air similar to crash
Cannon: the user throws a punch or kick in air creating a flying shockwave that can be use to hit enemies at a long distance similar to shot but longer
Afterimage: the user use their speed to move around super fast creating afterimage like clones making the opponent confuse
Dust fist: this fighting style allows the user to create power punches, so strong that dust start flying everywhere blinding the enemies
Flash dance: this fighting style involves mainly on movement speed letting the user to move super fast while also having fast but weak damage attacks
Boom fist: the people who uses this fighting style can create powerful punches that can create explosions upon contact, this fighting style also mainly focus on destructive capabilities but also has really slow attack speed


Thanks, I needed this.

My Idea -

Bullet Fist Technique:
Throwing a punch so fast and strong that it will create a air that shoots like a bullet/magic blast, projectile nearly fast as light blast.

Cluster Smash Technique (Mostly for Bezerkers and required to be on the ground):
Grabbing 2 random object either ground terrains or any random objects nearby and slamming them together creating a explosion shockwave nearly 2x the size of shockwave explosion with massive knockback. Damage are depending how close or far the enemies from you.

Twisting Gale Technique:
You will spin violently fast and forming a small tornado causing you to fly in moderate speed but only lasts for 7 seconds and your character will stand still for 2 seconds to recover from the dizzy effect. Targets will receive very low but fast dps.

Grasp Lunge Technique:
Lunge towards your target, grabbing them, slamming them to the ground, and running fast while you damage them while you’re dragging them to the ground.

Minotaur Pounce Technique:
You run extremely fast in one direction and making you invunerable while charging to a directing, when making contact with a target they will be caught in the charge and be slammed to a structure or trampling them if there is no wall structure or terrain.
(Somewhat like wom minotaur bull charge just little different)

Thigh Crusher (A joke technique but perfect for Carinna since majority of deranged community ppl simps for Carinna and would asked her to crush them with her thighs):
You lunge to your target grabbing them with your hands them using your thighs to crush their head doing critical damags and making ypur target to be dizzy for couple seconds.

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The bullet fist is basically the cannon technique I talked before but ok

If I had to make something unique, probably like an offensive skill that works like a counter

if it fails, there would be noticeable endlag

if it hits, it initiates a high damage attack that slams the opponent in a customizable direction. (this can still be blocked if timed well enough, very hard to do however)

basically a snare skill for berserkers, except it works more like a way for berserkers to close in distance against opponents, unlike how snare is a “get off me” tool for mages.

I’d probably name this skill something simple like “Counterstrike” or “Fatal Reversal”


How about a reverse vampirism fighting style that takes health from the user to deal large amounts of damage

(juggernaut moment)

I actually remember some kind if ancient magic like that on the trello, seemed too op tho especially with vitality now

I think it’s fair especially since vitality reduces damage

and there’s this lovely thing called thermo warlord running around in the meta :sob:

I like these! I honestly couldn’t think of any physical attack type moves that’d be creative, but you’ve got some gold here!

I believe cannon is basically just an axe-slash, I probably wouldn’t know but from the few people I’ve seen use it that’s basically what I’ve seen it used for.

It’s also worth noting that Carina’s whirlwind will destroy projectiles, making it basically a Tempest for strength users.

I could actually seeing this being a viable lost spell ngl

“Whirlwind kick” anyone?

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