Tell a me a good and solid joke.....please

I’m bored and I haven’t heard a good one in awhile.

A good and solid joke.

No, never meathead!!!..

Your life

What’s the best place to go in a room when you’re cold.

The corner. It’s usually 90 degrees.


You came to the wrong website if you’re looking for anything funny.

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Just wait and see, everyone has a joke they wanted to share once in awhile.

That’s a repost (=`ェ´=)

deez nuts

what do you call a run-away car?


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Ok, maybe you’re right.

I’d give this ride a pass, if you catch my drift.

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fucking legend

I’ll just reuse this joke that I came up with on the forum because I’m currently unoriginal so I’m using a joke from myself

You know what the bad thing is about breaking up with your Japanese partner that wants to be with you? You have to drop the bomb twice so that they get the memo.

Nice dark humor, would definitely light a fuse on a sensitive human bomb.

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So that’s why it’s the “time-out” corner; it’s so cold there, even time wants out.


Wait, I screwed up.

i am a joking.

figure it out if ya can.

I don’t get it?