Tell me how

I got hunted 11 times today, how to NOT get pwn’ed every 5 minutes please I am getting REALLY mad!!!11!1! Any tip? Any good anti-clan-sweat-PvP’er build?

don’t go to sameria

how do you get hunted 11 times in one day? do you have a billion bounty

Run while spamming big AoE

how the fuck do u even get ganked that many times dude :sob:
do u have like 1 mil renown in a powerful clan with no player kills???

glass mage full power ult art 20 blasts

simple, agility if they are not using slows, or size/intensity metal so they lose you

Agility maxed or just spam clouds with poison mage

Slowness potions and gels don’t really work since they can’t affect your reflex distance.

love gel

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I thought they affect dash though?

no i meant like frozen and petrified

no, just 75k

(from pve)

bro who are your opps


getting ganked 11 times with barely any fame is not normal who did u piss off :sob:

Bro pissed off femsell

size warrior repels everything including bitches

morbillion fame lmao

skill issue