Tell me.. is WAX dead?

ok so it feels like its been years since WAX has said anything. im pretty sure his last reply was an entire 24 hours ago, so what happened?

there are multiple things that could have happened. WAX stopped being active around the same time the WAX news issue came out, so he could have died from that. after all there was blood on the issue so its a possibility.

there is also the possibility that i am overreacting and WAX is completely fine. i highly doubt that though. something must be going on here and im going to get to the bottom of it.

Recently, WAX made a discussion called “addressing certain allegations”. WAX claimed that an anonymous person was spreading false rumors about him, although he wasn’t able to say who it was out of respect for their privacy, evidence later shows the person he is framing is Jasono17.

Jasono17 admitted that it was him by saying“PERFECT THE BAIT WORKED, WHO ARE YOU IN THE GUILD HUB REVEAL YOURSELF!!!”. Later on, WAX revealed that he would never join any server that didn’t have his name in it. WAX then replied with “my next newspiece is gonna fucking frame you for murder do YOU KNOW HWO I AM?”. Although I cannot confirm this as I, myself, have a mental deficiency, based on WAX news issue #2 Jasono supposedly murdered someone.

In this article, the headline says “JASONO17, KNOWN LIAR, CHARGED FOR MURDER”. The article describes the terrible and heartbreaking story that brought tears among many WAX news fans. WAX never admitted to framing Jasono17, because he even said that he didn’t bribe the Magic Council 1,400 crowns to frame him, so obviously something much deeper is happening here.

so here is my theory:

WAX was murdered by Jasono17

idc what u say they have been trying to kill each other for several days, and it would only make sense to be Jasono17.

anyone who declines my theory is sweaty and dumb.

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I hope he’s okay. He’s the only news source I trust anymore.

yeah, jason ate wax

I can attest as witness to this theory, I was the headline

my theory was wrong, jumbo has answered my questions.

most of them

that’s bs.
He’s taking a nap

I just said that D:

someone used wax for candles :frowning: