Tell me your most unbelieveable thing you have done in your life

I haven’t had a shower for over 3 months
I do wash my hands, feet and face.

I’ve co-flown a jet :flushed:

Unbelievablely Unbelieveable, That’s cool.

I once memorized half of the entire bee movie script

Had a bad case of the watery poo for 2 months straight don’t ask how

How exactly did it happen? because why not

Been on vacation for the last 15 years

A really really long case of travelers diarrhea, of course we didn’t know it was that so I kept eating foreign food that may or may not had bacteria and wondered why the hell I kept shatting so much so I searched it up then realized what it was. I also pooped my pants like 6 days out of those 2 months I couldn’t hold it in what can I say. This is what you get for asking a disgusting mental image.




:frcryin: That’s sad ;-;

I said “yes” when my mom shouting at me and making her say the shit word to me

It’s old time ago so don’t worry

Almost managed to drown myself with a Life Jacket

being on roblox for over a decade :sleeper:

i finished 5 of the spiciest wings from bw3s (The Blazin Carolina Reaper wings i think)

this was like 2 days ago and I haven’t eaten since…

also ive had diarrhea for every like 2 hrs.

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a wing place, the actual name is Buffalo Wild Wings or som, but everyone ik calls it bw3s.

Got hit by a car and nothing happened.

I also know the entirety of “The Ultimate Showdown” by memory.

created songs with utauloid and made myself to think i was a great musician

I was born at a young age