Terraria mods are broken

I was watching my little brother playing Modded Terraria (Calamity, Recipe Browser, Smart Doors) when he found the underworld lab. Along with that the Murasama. He couldn’t use it yet of course, so he decided to put it in a weapon rack… which promptly deleted the sword and glitched things. He restarted, and luckily got the Murasama back.

He took advantage of the glitch, using it to delete other weapons. One of the weapons though, actually dropped as something else. We then realized that putting modded items in the weapon rack and taking it out causes a random non-modded item to pop out. What item came out seemed to be dependent on the item put in, so we started going through all the modded weapons he found at this stage of the game.

Out of the things he got, the funniest were sandstone bricks with a modifier, and a titanium helmet + drill (He’s in pre-hardmode)


Out of every single mod, you talk about terraria mods
it’s a joke don’t kill me

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He just got the Angel Wings and the Ice Bow, both hardmode items

My favorite is still adept sandstone brick

Terraria has item IDs, right? There is probably a pattern there that you can find to get specific hard mode items.

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I mean every mod item needs a base item, so presumably it has something to do with item ids

item frames are broken in mods
it says theyre broken if you hover over the item frame item