TGR questions

The first question I have is: will we be able to pick a second magic as soon as we start and change our first? Or just have one only for now and have to wait for an update.

Second is will we be able to also change our names?

There will likely be a certain point in the story where you get to pick a second magic. (Like in arcane adventures)


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Wait so we will still only have one magic when the tgr comes out?

You will be able to reselect your first magic immediately, but you will need to reach a point in the story or reach a certain level in order to select your second magic. You won’t have to wait for a later update, as that part of the story will already be in the game when TGR comes out.

Why would we get a second magic without progression? We never got to that point in World of Magic either, and we need to do the story and stuff.

(Second magic will be in TGR though, but not immediately obviously)

Oh ok, so tgr will also bring second magics, cool

No what I meant was did tgr not have that much progress yet where you could select a second magic and you had to wait for an update or if tgr did have enough story already

Ah ok I saw the other thing u wrote, cool

Oh, alright. The wording caught me off guard, I guess.

I’m assuming third magic we will have to wait tho

Most likely.

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