Thanksgiving Dinner 🍽

Since it’s Thanksgiving in the US, I thought it would be appropriate to have a pretend dinner in which we bring various foods, and maybe share one thing that we’re grateful for.

I’m bringing Turkey since it can’t really be Thanksgiving without it. Something that I’m thankful for is just having a loving family and being able to have time to spend with them, and also the forum since I spend a lot of time on here too


Pumpkin Pie!

I am thankful for my family all that they do for me. I am also thankful for Abraham Lincoln giving us one of the best US National Holidays (it was Abraham Lincoln who made Thanksgiving a national holiday during the Civil War to unite the country).


I brought my favorite foods if y’all don’t mind:

I’m thankful for my art skills and my family


i bring MYSELF

I bring Pastelillos with whatever meat filling you choose

I am thankful for being able to see a lot of different places because of family reasoning

ive never understood wtf thanksgiving is even for

It’s for giving thanks


Ooh i got the stuffing!
Best Stuffing Recipe - Our Favorite Buttery Herb Stuffing
Im very thankful for my family,my personality and my life.

I bring ham

I’m thankful for my good health despite the hard times my body’s gone through lately


dont worry guys i brought gravy for the turkey

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I brought the green bean casserole
I’m thankful that I’m able to get an education. Many people in the world can’t.
I’m also thankful for my family and friends. Just trying to be kind is hard for me but I’m working on it. And their understanding really helps.

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im that one homeless dude who just walked in on the celebration(did not bring anything)

I am thankful for:
my family except for my dad
my creativity
being able to make friends in any environment(believe it or not I can)
having good friends
not being depressed
not being dead

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i bring pumpkin cheesecake, surely there are other pumpkin cheesecake connoisseurs out there?

i am grateful for the wealth that i have and the parents that have brought me here to who i am now



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pecan pie yum yum :yum:

even though my new internet is SHITTY AS FUCK and i can barely play shooters anymore, im thankful that i have it at all

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Emergency food😂 - Bilibili

Ill bring some cake for some reason

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I have brought the traditional pickled beets
I am thankful for the beets, our lords and saviours

Salut, Comme ca va?
i bring Mashed Potatoes
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