That injust bruh

everyone talk that lighiting is over used,but what about fire and magma? it become a pvp meta:/

Lighting is WoM meme

i think imma ping vetex just to it change it profile picture so lighting is no more bullied for overused

Then people will start bullying you for simping for Vetex. If you have an opinion, you will get bullied. That is the law on the internet.

bruh that injust

The internet has never cared about justice.

they’ve only cared about Just ice

fire and magma arent overrated since they’re good for pvp while, lightning isnt as good as many other magics yet a ton of people still use it

nah theres no thing such as a magic being greater than other,on my legit opnion everyone hates lighting ; - ;

well there is earth, pretty much everyone agrees that earth is a “magma downgrade”

Fire is really nice and that’s totally not biased but I don’t see too many people with it.

In all honesty, lighting is decent with good synergies. It’s just that people went lightning just because it was op in AA, without even considering its statistics.

I’m seeing less and less lightning users in the game because people are starting to realise it’s just meh

Ngl Lightning just looks cool and does decent.

People always call me a meta-boy and complain over me using Fire but bitch im 5th gen I chose it before there even was a meta

I beat headless with my fire character and he called me a metamancer.

Not even because of the extra burn damage, but because of the 10 percent bonus damage to bleeding targets.

The guy tried jumping me out of the blue, for no reason.


What does metamancer mean? ive heard it several times but i never knew what it meant

h o w HOW HOW

Someone who builds purely around meta.

For example, if Ice got buffed, a metamancer would probably go MM YES I AM NOW AN ICE MAIN

Like there’s optimizing gear, and then there’s going out of your way to abuse temporary power differences.

@vitorgue wdym how

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ah ok thanks!

you…you just defeated headless and do it rage…h o w