"That one didn't age quite so well.." -John Tron


this didn’t age like milk
this aged like a vegetable at room temperature


aged like yogurt left in a cupboard for 7 years

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this aged like an organic banana in 3 degrees celcius

This aged like a forumer saying that Doge King is trying his best to make his guild welcomed in the community.



This aged like that rock that flew straight into the sun a bit ago.

This aged like the now nonexistent thought you just forgot about

This aged like an anime fan who hasn’t showered in 420 years.

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Who is Doge King and what happened
(im not that involved in the arcane community and forum)

Pretty sure they were alt farming infamy and/or duping or smth, can’t remember

immortal anime fan?!1!

also manipulated his co-leader ( Creator of the doc)

They found all seven dragon balls and wished for immortality

the balls are too OP


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Ye, now its starting to grow mold

RNGesus Fuck