The ability to place camps anywhere (Once you’re done with the story of course.)

The ability to place camps anywhere (Once you’re done with the story of course.)
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You know how backtracking is annoying? How having to go back across the entire sea because of an unfortuitous pirate ship sank your caravel while you were doing exploration tasks for Ravenna?
I have an idea to combat this.


I’d like to suggest adding the ability to place your camp wherever you would like in the world and renting a room at sailor’s lodge so long as you have to story completed. Why do I think this should be the case? Well, a lack of fast travel means that you have to go everywhere manually, so this would make exploring easier via being able to place a camp in a more relevant area and go back to it several times. Say a player wants to open chests at thorin’s refuge first, but also go to the goso jungle to talk to souvella for her quest, and then finish darkpine’s tasks for exploration, and the wind is blowing east so sailing would take forever. Well, if you could place a camp on frostmill, that would make the trips much easier as you could reset and go back to frostmill immediately when thorin’s is done, circumventing an issue. Looking for chests on wind-row and alpha suddenly attacks and kills you? With a camp on the island that’s be a non-issue and you could continue being a happy camper (unintentional pun).

In order to keep this from being overpowered and ridiculous, there is another thing I would
like to suggest to balance this out: camp deadzones. Basically places where you can’t place these things even when the story ends. These places will be:
-the entirety of Ravenna, blackwater grotto in whitesummit, and all of silverhold (players naturally spawns in these places)
-Fort talos dungeons (as it’d be an awkward place to have a camp)
-The myriad and the sky pumpkins island (players can’t dock skyships at these places so it’s be hard to get back up)
-Dawn island (keeping new players in mind)
-Any of the main island’s towns + monoah village (having a camp in these places would look off)

The way I think renting a room at sailor’s lodge should work is by talking to the owner of the place, you can ‘rent a room’ and be able to spawn there indefinitely. This would be more expensive than placing a camp would be due to how sailor’s lodge is pretty much in the center of the seas.

I would say this can’t specifically be abused to interstellar levels. You can’t reset and go back to frostmill because you had a chart at goso jungle, you’d lose that if you did. You can’t destroy a pirate ship, reset, and wait to redock your boat thinking those sealed chests you found are still there. Castaway on your boat? Need to drop them off first.

I hope this sounds like a good idea, if not then these camps on story island be double the cost, or they destroy themselves after one use?

Thanks for taking your time to read this suggestion. I feel this could be a really nice addition to arcane odyssey if it gets pushed in.

hey hey woah that’s where I put my camp.

aside from that tiny detail, great idea!

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