The adventures of Typ0 and Banana in the Arcane Odyssey (WARNING HEAVY SPOILERS)


i didn’t know the name of the guy who i got this from, but its pretty cool tho damn

changed my card background, i really like it

pov: you are helping the mentally ill kid in class

goofy kid

is iron leg good on warlocks?

yes, crystal iron leg is op

idk about shadow tho

i think heavy hitting magics work best

I mean shadow hits pretty hard

have you tried sailor style? (i haven’t)

EW NO sailor is DOGSHIT


it does like no damage


I hope swapping iron leg for thermo wasn’t a stupid idea

I mean thermo from what I’ve seen is alright I guess but it’s annoying to constantly maintain at higher heat levels + you get actively penalized for using it

that’s the exact reason why i switched to iron leg lmao

i now use basic combat because it’s the closest i can get to weapon aura

lol what :sleeper:

basic combat is basic for a reason dawg

its imbue is surprisingly decent tbh

doesn’t nerf anything but only gives slight buffs