The Aesir Dossiers

Alright initiate, welcome to the order. While you may have proven yourself worthy, you are not yet ready for field work. Your first actual assignment is to write paperwork, yay. Anyhow, these are the people you need to document: Neviro, Iris, Morden, Edward Kenton, Enizor, Commodore Kai, Architect Merlot, and Prince Revon. Good luck on that promotion.

I want that promotion. Where should I start, sir?

Well initiate, you may go with anyone, but I’d recommend Kai since he has multiple documents in the Grand Navy archives. Shadow hide you(W.I.P. slogan/motto for the Aesir)

Nevermind. I know what I’ll do. Starting with The Waltz of Death…

Architect Merlot(full name unknown)

  1. The boss of the Red Corner, which contains information on many past and current hits.

  2. Unknown if he is actually an Architect or it’s just a title…

  3. Has access to illegal files that would be useful later on.

  4. In case of emergency, be aware that Merlot uses claw like black blades as well as poison magic. It’s recommended to avoid fighting him at all.

I found extra information within the archives of the Red Corner. Edward Kenton, Iris, and Revon have concrete enough evidence to compile a report.

Iris(full name unknown)

  1. Suspected failed Ravenna experiment?

  2. Is in the party that assassinated Calvus, a well known contributor to the order.

  3. Possesses Flare Magic, despite her lack of experience. Take this into consideration, and treat her like a stray cat in battle.

  4. Has bright red hair which is a decent giveaway.

  5. Headed towards the Nimbus Sea at this moment.

Edward Kenton

  1. Suspected to have vital information regarding the orders business in the Grand Navy. I think we should eliminate him as soon as possible.

  2. A navy deserter with above average strength, for a captain. Not very remarkable, and we can rely on being able to execute him swiftly with our agents.

  3. Last seen on the Calvus assassin party Ketch, with an old man and the rest of the assassins.

  4. At the moment, whatever information he has seems to not be of much use.

Prince Revon of the Ravenna Realm

  1. The brother of King Calvus, and due to be the next in line for the throne. For an heir, he’s less than capable of running a kingdom. I suggest killing him, but it may upset the higher ups.

  2. Currently missing. We already have sent agents out to find him, but he’s not in the usual areas. If he’s dead, I propose we put an agent in his place.

  3. Less than useless in combat. He was unremarkable enough to be spared by the assassins.

Best I’ve got for now.

I guess since that initiate went, I’ll try my best as well…

Enizor (Full name unknown) (how do I make the text huge?)

  • Very old. Take this into account when we try attacking the assassination party, he shouldn’t be able to do much in combat.

  • Experienced in alchemy. Despite his age he has something major to contribute to the party. This should confirm that the more capable members of the party are well kitted out to deal with us.

  • Consider capturing him? We could rat some more information out of this old hag once we put him in a jail cell.

  • He spends most of his time in his studies, or at least reading…. Something. He should be aloof most of the time. Maybe. Don’t count on it.

Hear ye Initiates: Merlot, Iris, Kenton, Revon, and Enizor have been completed, but you may still make them yourself. The promotion will be to the three who make the best ones. Shadow hide you.

(can I make stuff up)

I mean… unless easily recognizable fiction by an Aesir officer, go ahead

Im the sneaky level 570 post 2nd awakening knight who’s just exploring

also grinding for exp

where is miniboss room?

To the left, he gets what he deserves for stealing my lunch


trading wotan’s faulds btw looking for offers

who knows where the main office area is I need to go there for story

I guess I’ll go now

Morden (full name unknown)

  1. He was seen leaving sailor’s lodge with the player but in a separate boat just prior to the attack on fort talos
  2. He stole the death curse. The fact that he was able to navigate well enough to reach the curse before us means that he’d probably been in the dark sea before
  3. He defeated general julian after getting the death curse, but was badly wounded
  4. An order agent overheard (the player)'s conversation with king calvus. It seems they think we captured them before, but we’ve searched the records of our captives, and can’t find any for (the player). In addition, only a tier 5 amnesia potion can thoroughly wipe someone’s memories. This is just my speculation, but it’s possible that morden wiped (the player)'s memories, and then gave them false information for the purpose of manipulating them. If that’s the case, then morden probably knows what (the player) is capable of

guys why are the order initiate mooks not dropping their robes I’ve been farming them for 40 minutes I keep getting “initiate daggers initiate staff initiate sword” this is getting boring

I’m late

Commodore Kai(full name unknown)

  1. An asset to the order?

  2. Doesn’t seem to be a threat or to have any plans for betraying the order any time soon.

  3. Has connections with various high ranking Grand Navy marines. We can use this to our advantage.

  4. Not exactly remarkable. Let’s just keep an eye on him.

Neviro(important) (full name unknown)

  1. A survivor of the Winterveil genocide. An heir to the throne.

  2. A member of the assassination party, as well as the weakest of them all. He’s not a combatant, but he possesses military knowledge.

  3. Last seen on a Ketch heading towards the Nimbus Sea… Calvus should have killed him the first chance he got.

  4. I suggest kidnapping him and extracting information from him. Who knows what vital knowledge he could have? After extraction, kill him.

  5. Could have a hidden ace, after all he is the lost prince of Winterveil.

Peacekeeper (Name unknown)

  1. They came from the other side of the world to the nimbus sea, suspected to have help from an old resident
  2. Holder of multiple curses, including: Absorbtion curse (mayhaps the order’s main objective) the lightning curse, the explosion curse and the earth curse, along with almost every magic known in history
  3. Theyre a “Hero of the people” and from what our field researchers and reporters got, they cant be convinced to join the order
  4. Fortunately, they dont seem to have any knowledge over the order, but if the Failed Experiments reach to him they could become a high level threat, immidiate execution of them and the Failed Subjects is advised