The Agora

My idea is to allow players to write a part in the The Agora

cool, but uhh

florida man raids assassin base and leaves everyone dead, including himself

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Yo but what about the below average writers? Like not everyone is fit to write a newspaper yk?

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waht is that vetex reaction supposed to mean

it means something that is either incredibly based or can be ironically twisted to be seen as incredibly based

we techincally can, a small part, and only criminals can do it.

“Cat girls are awsome!”

this was my first “last words” when I got executed

I hate the antichrist
I hate 5G
I hate microplastics
I hate heavy metals
I hate the gears of time grinding my wits down to powder
I will not drink my corn syrup
I will not consume popular media

I guarantee you that if this happens, you WILL be seeing bypass involving suggestive actions on female characters—most notably Iris.

Hate to automatically shoot down a newbie idea, but knowing the playerbase, this will not end well.

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suggestion out of suggestions jump his ass-