The arcane odyssey cycle

I’m talking about the April fools update, it’s fun as hell but a bit overwhelming

april fools update? I haven’t played IA in like a week.

Oh, I remember it’s called “Serious Asylum” now. I’ll just check the update out on my own time.

do it soon, the April fools updates never last long.
here’s a few changes:

spear has no cooldown
deployable joel has no cooldown, you can make thousands of them in a second
half the weapons fling you
nothing has a cooldown

pretty serious

  • Make new file
  • Level it up asap
  • Tries to make build
  • Gets tired of bandit beating and playing digging simulator
  • Quits for 4 days
  • Goes back to fuck arround in game

Try getting max noteriety and waiting for 20 marine ships to jump you

Genuinely so true
I hope the monthly update system does something coz rn trying to find entertainment after a week of an update gets difficult

I hope vetex makes the clan update the best of the updates, he said he’s really excited for it. maybe it would fix the so cycle if it’s good

  • Play ao
  • Kill myself

mine looks more like this

so real