The B’Rock Obama Guild

I’ve recently had my main file kicked out of Helios and I have this drawing right here.

So, here I was thinking “Why don’t I just be a solo guild and just have fun?”
My solo guild will only threaten those with skill issues. If you skill isn’t a issue rest assured I’m indeed free infamy. Dying means nothing to me as long as I have fun! GG!

Also I will be very toxic, uhm… I’ll say “E” if I win a battle cuz that’s funny.

Hmmmm…I seem to be running out of material for this topic…

AH YES, post ideas for guild descriptions because I am an uncreative buffoon. Yes Yes.



the solo guild motto

You want that to my guild description?

uhh sure I guess

A bit boring in my opinion but if I have no choice guess I’ll do that. :nod:

I have one.

“I am ballin”

Welcome to the kill on sight, enjoy your stay.

can confirm

sir you are a gas

Or I could just do your test for you and you don’t have to wait to get into SunCry anymore :wink:


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