The best Explosion size & Blast size for PVP?

The Blast size only affects the size of the spell. (which is only changing the visual effect?)

The Explosion size affects the hitbox and damage of the spell.
(Bigger hitbox and less damage / Smaller hitbox and more damage)

However does they affect anything else other than what I mentioned?
What would be the best Explosion & Blast size for pvp?

Thanks for helping!

Low* blast size, small explosion size (for damage), and 2-5 shots as to not leave myself open to other attacks, but that’s just me.

Blast size must be smaller or equal size to explosion size @doge

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Me forgetting how video game works:

How much the hitbox decreased when you use small explison size and is it at a point where its hard to hit someone?

Not that hard to hit imo, but can be sometimes if the opponent is moving a lot.

I use 30% blast size 100% explosion (kills in 4-5 hits)

Depends on your magic. I’m a Moonlight user so it’s actually better to have lower Explosion Size & Blast Size. Light is already like the worst at clashing, and lower the size makes the damage higher, I believe. So, if it benefits your magic’s pros, then do it to maximize that benefit.

(magma main) i have two spells created, one which is lowest size, explosion and one which is 70% on both. i recommend doing the same, regardless of the magic. i only use the lowest size spell when im 100% certain that it will hit, while i use the regular sized spell for when im only half certain of if it will hit or not

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