The best savant build

149 Vit
Weapons 40 rapier staff flintlock (all q grabs)
29 str
42 magic ash (yes synergy but horrid clashes.)

only blast.
after some stat changes with strength

149 Vit
weapons 40 rapier staff flintlock
59 str (boxing)
12 magic ash.

also crash.

the best, strongest in every way, savant.

Peacekeeper is still better with all his stats maxed.

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he wasn’t really a true savant he was an isekai hero from an anime but ok this is second strongest

whatchu mean staff, wooden club is better

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When AO’s protagonist realize that he is not protagonist in this universe: :cry:

AA literally he did get reincarnated (or revived much later that he pretty much was)

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