The Black Bulls

Another collaboration between me and @KwispyKage. This time it poster for our guild, The Black Bulls. You may have heard of us, maybe you haven’t, but we are a decent sized guild with a friendly host of outlaws, degenerates, misfits, trouble makers, and Tobi!

We were supposed to take up permanent residence in our guild hall somewhere on Magius, but due to something I did (not saying but I might have blown something up), we are now looking for a new place to call home. Good thing our guild hall can turn into a giant bull fortress and move. Bet you wish you had that, huh.


People featured in the poster:
@mars (captain)

Original works:


Who tf used Deva Path to build that Guild House

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tobi thats all you…

Wym, I see it as complementing myself.

hmmmm good question :eyes:

also btw the cat at the bottom is the mascot

Obviously… :nod:

Derpy cat XD

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that’s a pretty lit guild base ya got there

dont mind me, just doing some editing…

Thank you. It’s a very interesting design made especially to keep me from destroying it… :frcryin:

Oh god they all are Sans…

Looks like they got a bone to pick…

You should plop it on a massive ship and sail the seas.

put a bunch of rams/horns on the front of the boat and paint it black. Call it The Black Bull

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you ready for a bad time?

bro make the eyes different colors of the rainbow-


do what you want xD

Yoooo that would be epic. Vetex make this a feature pretty please. :pray:

Clan boats for the win xD


Oh yes, give it to me!

I want this so bad now! AAAAAAAA :frcryin: :nod:

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your wish will be granted