The Burning Spires

Redwake was a nice place to work. If you could handle the pirates and the smell of filth that seemed to be everywhere. It was much better after the Order had been defeated many hundreds of years ago. Otherwise, Elizabeth was happy with her job as the scullery maid, it paid surprisingly well and some people came by that were really nice and tipped her well. The Inn owner, Dave, was extremely nice but still they had to keep the place paid for after all the bar fights that occurred nearly every other day.

Elizabeth was taking her day off fishing on the dock when she saw a ship come into the harbor. The ship was named the Fallen Angel. It was a massive Frigate with gray, green, and white streaks on it; the crew was busy preparing to dock. Elizabeth had heard of this ship in stories. Crewed by one of the strongest Grand Navy admirals, Steven Glass, boasting both Life and Equinox Magic. Why he was here she hoped to find out.

Elizabeth dropped her fishing pole and ran to tell Dave.

Bursting into the tavern everyone turned to look at her, curious why she seemed so excited. “Everyone, The Fallen Angel just docked!” Elizabeth gasped. Half the people began shouting questions she couldn’t hear because the other half were trying to get out the door.

Elizabeth squeezed in to go find Dave who looked at her astonished, “Is it true the Fallen Angel is at Redwake?” He looked into her eyes and knew it was before she answered him.

Elizabeth began to speak, “Yes, Yes! Can I go see him? I’ve always wanted to see what a truly powerful person looks like!”

Before Dave could answer, a pirate bursted into the tavern shouting, “The Glacier is on the other side of Redwake!”

Elizabeth snapped around and gasped, “No way! King Cryonical is also at Redwake!”

“He is, Someone said they saw another huge ship also sailing towards Redwake. Something big is happening here.” The pirate said before running off again.

Elizabeth ran outside and went looking for the other ship. She looked out west and saw it sailing. Anyone would know that flag. It was the Dark Sea Pirates’ head ship.The Abyssal Wind, captained by Ezia the Dark Pirate. Scourge of the war seas. Why were these three extremely powerful people coming to Redwake, the most backwater island around?

Elizabeth watched from a higher point as the three captains seemed to converge near the center of Redwake. Pirates moved out of the way but everyone was watching these three people. Some of the strongest if not the strongest mages in the War seas. Elizabeth watched them converge, each very tense for some reason when Elizabeth heard it, or rather didn’t. The birds had shut up, the only sounds were people gossiping about the mages. After living her entire life on the ocean she knew when the birds stopped talking something was gonna happen.

Elizabeth climbed up a rope ladder on one of the stone spires she had set up. Looking over the docks she noticed a small burnt and scarred row boat floating in a cove. It wasn’t there today while she had been fishing. Who owned it? Elizabeth looked back at the powerful mages who each had a letter out and were talking about something. Many pirates were watching some closer than others.

Then King Cryonical snapped his head up, shouted something and summoned an ice shield to cover the three mages… Elizabeth had only a second to process an extremely powerful mage putting up a shield. Then everything was on fire as the entire Redwake District exploded across the entire area. Elizabeth’s ears were ringing from the sound. Some of the spires began melting into magma and pouring towards the three mages as they launched towards someone.

Elizabeth couldn’t say anything. Everyone at Redwake was dead. There weren’t even any bodies, just ash in the wind as fire spun around. A dark cloaked man was rushing the three powerful mages. An Equinox blast was fired from Steven Glass as an Ice lance followed, seemingly shattering the sky as it went flying towards the man. The sky was darkening as darkness and death began spinning through the sky.

The man who was attacking blocked some of the attacks then the first sound she had heard from them echoed through the air. “You will be the first to experience my art! Then the rest of the Warseas!” Elizabeth ran to the other side of her pillar. It was warming quickly. She jumped off towards the ocean, impact hurt but standing on top of volcanic lava was not something she wanted. The sky shattered, burned, froze, blackened, and brightened behind her as the 4 mages fought.

How could one man have such power? What did they find that gave them that power? Redwake was boiling and melting behind her when she surfaced. Turning she spotted the nearest boat to her, The Glacier. It was absolutely massive, more like a carved iceberg than a ship. Elizabeth swam towards it, the water seemed to be getting steadily warmer and clouds were billowing up ahead as a huge hurricane began forming on top of the ruins of Redake. The nearby sky islands were starting to be affected by the battle.

Elizabeth reached the glacier and treaded water while using a knife to host herself up to one of the windows and drag herself inside. Exhausted she lay there for a moment. Then she ran to the deck to watch. King Cryonical had nocrew but some say the fire master Pyronical had been seen with Cryonical.

It was an apocalypse of magic. That’s the only thing that could describe the destruction being caused. A black cloud had covered the bottom of what remained of Redwake. Nothing could be seen inside or outside. The stone was now on fire and rocks were breaking as the hurricane shattered the pillars of stone.

It took minutes for the battle to end. Ezia had been gravely injured and Steven had died due to the evil wizard. Redwake was a boiling mass of stone and magma. Most ships that had been nearby were obliterated and the dark wizard had disappeared. It was a sick piece of art one could say. Drawn with blood and fire.

King Cryonical had found Elizabeth on his boat and sailed her to Frostmill telling her about how the Apocalypse would return someday just to draw in fire and death. Somehow the peacekeeper had missed the apocalypse sea curse and that’s why he had been so strong and willing to take on three of the strongest mages.

The sun set as Elizabeth looked towards the ruins of Redwake. She would avenge Dave and the pirates. She began her training that day.