The candy tier list

So here’s the tier list.


Now for the explainations:
S tier:

Peanut M&Ms

I don’t think there’s much argument to be had about peanut m&ms. The sweet milk chocolate mixed with the cruncy shell of the peanuts deliver a combo of the ages. But the flavor isn’t too over the top, nothing to blow you away. It’s a rather heavy candy but fits well for any occasion.

A tier:

Lindor Chocolate

Lindor chocolate has an outer shell of hard milk chocolate and a melty, chocolatey inside. They come in bags of two for a dollar, which considering they’re this good, is not a problem.


Notice a theme with milk chocolate here? Kitkats don’t stray far from perfect. Either you can have one all to yourself, or split some with others by breaking them apart. Sharing is caring. :heart:


Hersheys seems like a generic chocolate brand, but their chocolate is on top of the regular milk chocolate game. It’s sweet, smooth, and very pleasant on the taste buds. Not at all a bad first candy.

Hersheys Kisses

Hershey kisses are bite-sized chocolate bars on the go. You can pop a few in your mouth and still enjoy the fun of regular hersheys chocolate. Not to mention they make good edible decoration for christmas parties.

Ferrero Rocher

Might not have heard the name before, but ferrero rocher chocolate is very rich, almost like lindor. However, if you want a slight bit of crunch into the mix, the outer shell of the chocolate is crunchier with the addition of added crushed up nuts.


Twix is the superior snickers. There, I said it.

B tier:

Regular M&Ms

Regular m&ms aren’t as good as peanut m&ms, but they still hold some likability. Almost to top tier.

Sour Skittles + Regular Skittles

Sour skittles are ranked in the same tier as regular skittles because they both have some flaws. The sourness of sour skittles is awesome, but after a while it stings your mouth. At the same time, it adds more of an edge to regular skittles.

Crunch Bars

Crunch bars are milk chocolate bars that contain crunchy rice. It may sound like a weird combo, but it does taste rather nice. It loses points here because the actual chocolate is rather plain and not up there with some of the other milk chocolate brands.

C tier:


Reeses are very rich and plentiful, but to the point where they kind of make you sick after a few of them. It has nothing too spectacular, and it loses points for all the trips to the bathroom that may come after eating.

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly ranchers are just an average brand of candy. It’s hard candy that’s sweet, that’s it. Some flavors are good, some aren’t.

Sour Patch

Sour patch kids are basic, which may shock some of you since they are well liked. But they’re just sour candy made for people who can’t handle sour. If you think your tough for having these, try a warhead or something.


Basic milk chocolate with a gooey but simple inside. I’d pass honestly.

D tier:

Hersheys White Chocolate

Oh god. These are a mess. If you don’t like milk chocolate, trust me, white chocolate is no better. The same applies for white hersheys kisses as well, it’s the same exact thing. They taste really weird, but I won’t give them f tier because only one candy deserves that…

F tier:


Twizzlers are bland, taste like plastic, and don’t even have anything going for them. If you don’t like twizzlers but like the idea of a “rope” styled candy, try nerds ropes. I forgot to include nerds on the list, but they’d get around b-a tier.

And that’s all of the ones I picked out from the tier list. If you want to mess around with some of the ratings, you can. Let me know if I did good or not this time

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Disagree with almost every single one of these, but I respect the grind nonetheless.

Personally, I used to like peanut M&Ms a lot. But at some point they changed the recipe so it has “May Contain Tree Nuts” meaning I can’t risk eating them anymore (I have a tree nut allergy).


I can’t even eat half the stuff on there because of my freaking peanut allergy.

I feel your pain.

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swedish fish s tier, and completely agree with the sour patch kids reasoning, they literally aren’t even sour
personally disagree with hershey’s chocolate bar tho, they kinda burn my throat for some reason, not sure if anyone else has this too

I don’t think they changed the recipe, it’s probably because most of the big named companies produce stuff in the same factories (so there might have been a mix of ingredients like tree nuts on accident since they used the same machines) that’s why they gotta say that legally

I agree with the f tier, however, the d tier is plain wrong.

I’ve never eaten things that say “May Contain Tree Nuts”, that’s what they currently say whenever I look at a bag of Peanut M&Ms, and I remember eating them before, which means they probably changed it

This is all wrong and I hate it.

even twizzlers?

Even twizzlers.

Then where should they go :skull:

the only candy I’d put in F are jolly ranchers because the only memory I have of them is when they glued my mouth shut by getting stuck to my teeth.

So where do twizzlers go?

you can just let them melt

solid B, you have to want it to enjoy it but it definitely doesn’t taste like plastic.
(unless you get an awful batch)

they definitely feel like plastic

The best I can give twizzlers is d tier, that might be fairer then f but b tier? No no no. I gotta disagree there.

Here is mine:

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I disagree with basically all of this besides the twizzlers. If I wanted to have tire pieces as a treat I could easily cut some out from outside

Ohhh hell naw bro you cannot put jolly ranchers lower than normal skittles and base m&m’s, legit some of the most mid candy out there
other than that somewhat agree with you on the rest (especially twizzlers)