The Chest changes suck

Imo it felt more rewarding to find an elite weapon chest, rare ingredient bag, etc the change of this system doesn’t feel as rewarding as it used to as most chests you get just feel basic and bland.

Edit: holy fucking shit i was wrong this update is so good

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as someone who much prefers not seeing 5 food crates, I say eh, I kinda like having them be the way they are, at least it entertains the possibility of half decent loot


I can see your point, but 5 food crates gives me the same reaction as 5 basic looking treasure chests

personally think they’re fine minus the fact that cannonballs are much rarer now

Out of all the chest variants outside Silver/Golden, only the Rare Ingredient Bag was the most exciting one for me so I was okay with it

What I’m not okay with is the cannonball changes, still think we should get them from chests so low levels don’t have to constantly buy cannonballs


I’m gonna miss the ingredient bags and food crates ngl cus it was unique and sort of sperated AA from AO, maybe Vetex should bring them back but making them more rare in return giving you a crap ton of specific items that cater to the loot box like food crates giving you 20 apples


That’s actually a really good idea ngl

I’m ok with the way chests are now, but I wouldn’t feel opposed if Vetex added this idea.

You have to remember, that out of the 14,163 votes, 12080 of them were in favour of the change.
1260 did not care, and only 823 of the voters didnt want the change.

i was only ever excited for rare ingredient bags and gold chests – and ngl this feels a lot more rewarding! Ive had much more incentive to open chests I pass by, treasure charts arent a pain to find, my inventory isnt flooded with sails and cannonballs that I dont use, etc

The biggest thing to me is the gamble of golden chests. Good armor, gems, rare treasure charts, ngl it feels like a treat!

Yeah, the problem earlier was that some chests were guaranteed to be shit, but now all chests CAN be shit

they can also be super good – ive found it so much easier to obtain actually good drip now, and not struggle with food or gems or anything really. Im sure cannons are gonna hurt later down the line, but we get so much more galleoonies from chests too that its more than possible to buy cannons

i didn’t even know abt the vote tbh and my opinion has changed in favor of it recently

getting a chest with a chance of getting a gem or ingredient every time i see one > getting a weapon, armor, or food chest i 100% know i will get nothing of value to me from 90% of the time i see one

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read the edit

chest conversion therapy successful

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i got 3 rare move scrolls yesterday and a vindicator from basic chests

ok?? did you not read the edit?

i wasnt replying to you idiot, look at the little thing above the message that showed i was replying to uzau

oh, sorry i’m new to forums and in just came off as bragging from my perspective, srry about the misunderstanding.