The Choice


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Im cheap

I just like maid outfits lmao


I can 1UP on that statement

i’m not horny
but that rat costume is fucking expensive
who pays $360 for a fucking rat costume
no thanks i’d like to save cash thank you

plus that maid costume is pretty cheap :eyes:

pretty cheap my ass
that’s like $60
i could buy like 12 plates of spaghetti with that money

What does one need that much spaghetti for.

the kids in the basement get hungry sometimes

There’s these things called granola bars, they work like a charm for silencing hungry children.


glad I can help :nod:

We’re not gonna question the children… okay


just put rat head and maid dress ez
im going put only the rat costume tho

that’s too much money

its worth i-
nevermind i forgot dollar exists


idk about u but I like eating every night, so I’ll keep my money lol

just eat the cheese clothes

I prefer food that doesnt cause digestion issues, it was a good idea though