The church of iris is an odd and confusing clan

While I was watching a video about the clan itself, the video then showed a few comments of the members saying their not even simping or worshipping their so called “goddess” who’s an NPC YET SOMEHOW THE CLAN IS AT 3RD PLACE ON THE LEADER BOARD JUST HOW :skull_and_crossbones: :skull:
yet they do have lot of infamy, idek if the clan is actually filled with discord mods that lie about not simping/worshipping the walking pixelated torch looking ahh,
satire or not I hate the clan a bit, since their are some people who do simp on fictional characters who are pretty common on the internet
Still a pretty cringe clan in my opinion

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Bros family of ravenna centurions was murdered by iris in the cutscene

I honestly kinda like how they have their own identity. Ain’t really a clan out there like them and those that are exist because of Church of Iris. Pretty cool and unique, idgaf about leaderboard placements but they’re alright in my book :nod:

(It was just 1 Centurion in the cutscene)

if there’s one thing clear about online communities, it’s that they’re dedicated to doing the silliest things


Actually, how did Iris 1 shot all those soldiers and a centurion with out awakening. Did standing at silver hold docks and walking around looking for us make her level 200 or something or is flare magic lowkey meta.

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they got so high to get Iris’s attention
thats how they are at 3rd place in leaderborad


Just realised Iris and COI is like Death and Thanos in those comics. Thanos legit kills all these people and destroys so many galaxies but death just keeps friendzoning. watch COI get number 1 with 10B infamy and iris says “your not my type” XD

pov: vetex made Iris died in the future storyline
coi members: we will meet you in heaven

proceed to feed themselves to a white eye


I hope this never changes.

Church of iris is just the biggest and most successful examples of trolling in AO

Church of Iris moment fr

Iris number 1!

Flare magic probably is meta after all it is lost magic

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i wonder if vetex thinks that putting Iris into the game was a mistake now


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