The Conjurer...?



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YOU GOT MAGE-ED BRO, so ez bro, so eze…

After this, i’ll probably stop doing animation for a while, got tired yare yare…And if we talk about animation itself…Well…It was reworked twice…At first it was Vergil like (Lightning Katana) and now its like this. The idea of animation with music is kinda new, again, i had idea for Iris animation with “ashes on the fire” theme, but my shitty studio even without having any partciles on screen decided to screw me over, and whenever i could do a new action it would crash itself.

RIP Iris animation

You wont be fogotten, and probably…I will go back to you.


Amazing animation 8/10

i see why you were saying they are cringe in the discord

Damn that’s fire

Great animation but what magic is the one with the big sword using?

looks like ice

Mage gang rise

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I love the part where he said “It’s Conjurin’ Time” and Conjured all over the place

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