The Corsair Captain

I am back for my bi or tri monthly (i think) art post.
Here is Captain Maria, I’ll post a timelapse on my YouTube channel soon.


I’m here for bi art too



That perspective is crazy!

Phase 1 is fun and games till she shows the fucking tentancle and round 2 spams godamn i frames


Me watching Maria use her tentacle attack a 3rd time in a row:


Hi Jura

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I like both the eye trail thing and your videos :smiley:

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mfw maria spams tentacles 5 times in a row and regens all her health

ngl, she hit DIFFERENT this time. I HAVE HER THALASSI THO!! (just not her quad flintlocks ;-; )

This fight was so god dang painful, for even three people taking her on all of us died at least twice in the process.

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Gosh darn those are some amazing pose and perspective mate.

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THATS MY MODERATOR :speaking_head:

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use magic m1 if you’re a magic build, its pretty op to clear out maria


its giving me brain damage

Stand on upper deck easy

now i want (unnamed deckhand)'s quad flintlocks