The crew (Came up with the age and height)


edward still posing like he is in the navy


that is all

Everyone point and laugh at Neviro for being 5’4!!!

Man, Abby is a minion in disguise, can’t change my mind.

over 18? game is game BOOMSHAKALAKA (thats my catchphrase)

Personally I would swap the heights of Iris and Neviro. Iris is the only character to be visibly shorter than the others after all.

You cannot convince me Iris is any taller than 5’2”. She strikes me as the embodiment of a Yorkshire Terrier: small and angry at everything.

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Her tiny little body cannot contain her rage


Not me not being able to read feet.

old habits die hard

girl’s a damn chihuahua

Oops sorry here’s in meter:
Iris ≈1,80,m
Morden ≈1,92 m
Abby ≈1,52 m
Neviro ≈1,65 m
Enizor ≈1,71 m
Edward ≈1,95 m

Ah thank you so much! I appreciate the effort.

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Isn’t Neviro like 30 something since Winterveil was destroyed like 30+ years ago (not looking at wiki no no non on)
Anyways, good art. Wish we could have dual flintlocks on our chests like Edward.

hes a very dedicated shaver

His stubble is removed after leaving Cirrus

Seriously, Abby is a disguised minion and you can’t tell me otherwise, I’ve seen kids way taller than that, not even kidding.

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now take the shortes person and sacrifice them to the gods

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