The Curse Thief | Morden fanart

I couldn’t decide whether or not to draw him with or without the mask, so I did both XD


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Morden if he was a conjurer

Bro almost loses to a homelander cosplayer and he can’t even imbue his death curse right

He still needa train it after all :person_shrugging:

Morden with a sword is nice. Being imbued with the death curse looks hmmm

Bro got Minecraft Netherite Sword

oh my god i saw this on instagram and THIS IS GORGEOUS. More morden art yesyesyes, also very cool stuff you did on the sword :open_mouth:

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Imagine Morden imbuing his curse into a grappling hook so he can rip people’s soul out from a distance

:DDD thank you!

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Surprised bro doesn’t have acne with that mask smushed against his face like that