The Dark Sea Bank - Cross File Trading

The Dark Sea Bank - Cross File Trading
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Now I’ve seen many people talk about cross file trading, but with the addition of the Dark Sea, I just had an idea on how this could work.

Random Generating Bank Island

You may know that the Dark Sea has randomly generating islands and megastructures. One of these could be the island for this suggestion, or it could spawn on an already existing one, rarely.
The bank could appear as a small, broken down shack, but glowing particles fill the inside. Someone or something (the banker) could stand outside the shack, next to the door.
This structure would be uncommon, maybe a 1/50 chance of being generated.


People always ask to be able to trade across files, but just being able to send items to another could be overpowered - or extremely annoying.

There’s three ways this might work.

Way One:
When talking to the banker, it asks you if you want to link your “lives” (placeholder name) if you’ve already linked a file, it would instead say “Welcome back.” and show 3 options: Link a new file, transfer items, and leave.

When linking a file, it asks you to pay a certain amount of galleons. You can choose a single file to link, but once you link it, you can freely transfer items to and from each file while having the bank opened.

  • You can only link one file at a time. (Per file, for example file 1 <-> file 2 but you can also have file 3 <-> file 4)
  • You can freely take and place items from both files.
  • Files will stay linked forever

Way Two:
One way transfer. When talking to the banker, you can ‘trade’ items to any of your files, and will act like a normal trade - however, you can send as many as you want. (They cost galleons depending on the value of the items)

When you log in to those files, they will appear in your inbox, but with a purple marker. The appearance is similar to a normal trade request, but it will be colored purple and will say “Transfer Attempt” or something.

  • You can trade as much times as you want
  • You have to log into those files in order to accept

Way Three:
Literally just a item bank, where you have to pay to open your account and then you can store items or galleons there.

  • Pay every time you open the account.
  • Only one account, but it is connected across all files.

Pros and Cons


  • You can finally trade across files without using an alt
  • Balanced, so you can’t just switch armor sets at will
  • Has a sense of belonging since it utilizes in-game “lore.” The magic energy is so strong that you can channel to alternate universes.

Probably will be underutilized once people realize that its probably not a necessary addition lmao

it would also require some datastore magic since you have to access other files’ data

What do you think, would this fit nicely into the game?


Can’t you just have a regular bank in every major town? It makes sense and is much more intuitive and convenient. And for way three, your other save file also has to find a bank in the dark sea which makes trading even longer and more annoying. Also if there were banks in cities it would give bad reps something to do, which might be neat.

It seems like the convenience or speed of trading items between files is somehow an issue, as otherwise this suggestion wouldn’t exist. First of all I don’t know how it’s an issue, second of all the solution you bring has to be more convenient than just using alt accounts/friends to transfer items. Nobody will use this feature if they can do it without a fee and much faster.

the thing is, people dont want to use alts (ya need 7 hours to max them) so this a way that is shorter (its not hard to find islands in the dark sea) and also not something thats exceedingly easy.
with great effort comes great rewards, or something

it gives them a sense of accomplishment because of how the brain works

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I like this idea just because it reminds me of:

A merchant of any kind just hanging out in the dark seas would almost definitely have a similar feel to the strangeman from fantastic frontier.

It already takes a lot of time to progress your alt to go to the dark sea in order to access the items. And I don’t think finding a rare island in the dark sea is an accomplishment, especially since getting it when you don’t need it is more of an annoyance (it’s just rng anyways).

Also if you are transferring items to an alt, such as for PVP, then you are already going to max it out! Almost none of your response makes sense, I can even feel the doubt in your word choice (no offense).

The dark sea bank idea is completely useless since it’s an order of magnitude less convenient compared to just trading it to an alt and then your other file normally. You didn’t address this.

You also didn’t adress why trading between files needs to be so roundabout anyways. How are people gonna transfer items while they are being ganked, especially if it’s done with a regular banker NPC in every town? I see nothing wrong with a regular bank in every town, especially since you can use the bank for other stuff, such as fixing clans make exclusively for banks and giving more content for bad-reps. You could attempt to patch trading items to an alt and then your other file but that’s just the injury argument again where you are making the game less fun for no reason.

i think youre looking at it as they already have an alt account, which then they could just trade to it directly. but a lot of people ive talked to dont have alt accounts (and there are also thousands of players who only use one account), and this is for people who only want to use one account to store all their files.

also wdym more content for bad reps

and yes, there is a sense of accomplishment for finding anything that gives something. i could go into a whole essay talking about happiness hormones or whatever but i think a simple definition would be that when someone finds something they want, theyll be happy about it.
so for those who dont even think about creating an alt, this would be very useful for transferring across builds

my view on this is that people have 2 or 3 maxed files on one roblox account (to use more builds), and they got a rare item on one file that they want to give to another.

something like a normal bank would give the player a free trading thing, and they would only be annoyed at the galleon cost for transferring.
adding it as an rng in a place with lots of risk for rewards makes it exciting to go through the dark seas (possibly accumulating more rare items) and to transfer these items to the correct file.

and actually, this could be used as a dark sea ‘checkpoint’ to save your rare items to another files as so you dont lose them if you die in the dark sea.

I am slightly hypocrytical since I don’t have an alt, however I have trustworthy people who can transfer items for me. I don’t do it often but if dark sea banks are the intended way to transfer items I can imagine a lot more people making alts.

I was kinda spitballing but in WOM you could rob banks which in hindsight didn’t give much (just a few private storages) but the idea is there.

It’s useful because it would be one of the only 2 ways to transfer items if it gets added. However the other way (alt trading) is a lot more reasonable so I wouldn’t call it “very useful”.

The dark sea bank already has a galleon fee in all of your proposed ways. And the Dark Sea has enough incentives to go there, going to the dark sea to find something that could have a 2% chance of appearing is not exciting. Most people who want to transfer items just want to do it quickly, this wouldn’t be fun at all.

You could just have a dark sea checkpoint/item secure area instead of a dark sea bank. And transfering rare items to another file to not lose them is more annoying since to get them back (regardless if you die or not) you have to find it again and then secure it.

None of this suggestion matters since trading via an alt or trustworthy friend or other trustworthy person is much more convenient. If this gets added then making alts will just become more common. You can patch alt trading but I already addressed that in my other response.

Despite my dissing of this suggestion I think the idea of a rare thing that can do something with insecure items/items that are lost on death is somewhat cool, though I’d make it work more like the portal in Doors where you can save a temporary boost only for one dark sea expedition. Even then I’m not sure if I even like the idea of an item portal in Doors but that’s besides the point. I also probably will stop responding since I don’t think this conversation will go anywhere, but I’m still willing to read anything you say and maybe respond if we aren’t going in loops.

which way?
  • way 1
  • way 2
  • way 3

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A shared inventory across files is the best thing

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