The definition of savant is the opposite of what it is in AO

heres the definition of savant, someone who is talented in ONE skill. in AO savants are the opposites, they do everything, but not quite excel in any. what the hey vetex??? :rage:


calling something a jack of all trades isnt as appealing or rolls off the tongue as easily

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Savants are described as learned talented, but usually focuses on one thing more than the other (hence the different savant awakenings between 2nd magic or fighting style)

uhhh they are a savant at combat in general

so they are good at all kinds of combat

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they should be called generalist

Generalists dont have that ring to it

I remember in the early days of AO development when they were called Prodigies. I don’t know why he didn’t just keep it at that, since it would have made more sense.