The Devil’s Swordsman | Part 6

The Devil’s Swordsman - Part 6
A World of Magic Story

“You know, I really thought that finding out your name would be in some sort of eventful action sequence, but here we are finding out your name from a piece of paper.” Sammy said. The Mysterious Figure just looked at her in a face of seriousness and annoyance.

“This isn’t some type of story, this is real life. Now, let me tell you both who I am… it’s overdue anyways.” After, the Mysterious Figure then stared at the warm fire. He seemed to be glaring it with both of his eyes as if he was in a trance.

“It all started when I was just a teenager. My brother joined a guild that fought for my hometown, Bell Village, protecting it from bad guys while getting some cash for it. Whenever he was home and not doing whatever business he was doing, he would always teach me how to fight with a sword. Ever since then, I fell in love with the blade. Then, one day, my village was attacked… by the very guild my brother was in. I was confused, frustrated… angry. Why would my brother do this to me… to us, a family.”

“Why did he do it?” Danny pondered to the Mysterious Figure.

“His guild was offered up by some guys to raid the place so that a message would be sent to the Magic Council. Greed took over my brother and I became an orphan child ever since that day. I was one of the only survivors after I had ran into the woods.” The Figure then brung out one of the meat from the bag earlier and stabbed it on a stick. He then placed it upon the toasted fire.

“Ever since then I knew that my brother wasn’t protecting his birthplace because of the people, but because of the money we were giving to his guild. He never cared, not even for his family. That is when I learned from that day foward that I would have to create my own path and that this world is full of corrupted minds needing to feast off of the world for their desire of greed.”

“So mister, you became a swordsman so that you could help the world? How thoughtful and poetic!” The Figure then started to laugh at Sammy and took his meat on a stick from the fire and started to eat off of it.

“I alone cannot change the world. Now, let’s get some rest for the night.”

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