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Writer’s Note: Sorry for not writing for a very, very, lengthy period. It felt wrong to not finish up this series, so I’m doing it now. Watch out for more to come! I put in the link of the last part and part 1 just in case of a refresher. Enjoy!

The Devil’s Swordsman - Part 7

A World of Magic Story

Both Danny, Sammy, and the Mysterious Figure, Dragomir, walked underneath the bridge between two rock points. As they reached further, the shadow of the bridge no longer protected them from the extreme heat of the Castilian Shore. Butterflies flew in the air while the distant sound of the waves clashing together was like an ambient song.

“Are we there yet?” Sammy yelled out.

“No, but we’re close. I know Summer Hold is just up ahead.

“I can’t see from here! How could you know?”

“I’ve been here before, I know this place like the back of my hand.” The Mysterious Figure then put his hood onto his head, preparing to not be seen.

“Are we there yet?” Sammy asked again annoyingly.

“You know Sammy, I’ve been in my profession for a long time and not once have I injured a child. If you ask again, I’m willing to make that a possibility just for you.”

“No need to be rash, mister. Just being purposely annoying.”

“But why?” Danny asked towards his sister.

“I don’t know.”

“This just further proves that I’m the oldest!” Danny boasted.

“Look, up ahead.” Dragomir then pointed to the large walls of Summer Hold. Standing tall in all its beauty, the sun shone on its wall, making it glisten.

As they entered, the town was large and a spectacle to behold. It seemed even more alive than Ironport, and had a lot more to offer.

“Everyone step back please! The annual parade show is about to begin.” A man with a group of other people began to motion people away from the town square. Danny and Sammy grew with excitement. In front of the large tower in the middle of the town, a wooden booth was set up with multiple empty seats.

The crowd of people cheered, but quickly grew to silence as a man from above stood on top of the tower. When he jumped up, he emitted flames from his hands to slowly hover down in front of the booth.

“It’s him… the man that I’m after…” The Mysterious Figure whispered to himself. He stood with a glare frontwards as the man in all of his glory waved around in his orange cape and shook his hands around to the citizens.

“King David Silver!!!” The crowd yelled in applause. Dragomir then remembered about Danny and Sammy and didn’t want them to witness what he was about to do.

“Eh, I think it’s time to return you to your grandparents. As I said before, I’m no babysitter and I’m sure not a parade spectator either. Just tell me where they are.” Danny then walked in front of the man to show the figure to his grandparents’ home.

When they arrived, Danny knocked onto the door where an old woman arrived.

“Danny! My boy, what are you doing here?”

“Uh, it’s a long story!”

Edit: Part 8 is right over there :point_right: ;3


how old is little Sammy again ?



Around 12-13ish

for the longest time i almost forgot you worked on the devil’s swordsman (like I forgot it was you. i remember the story’s existence.)

this part makes me think if there’s any forum writing series where king David isn’t wanted dead or get hurt/killed

edit: wait nvm there’s at least one

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