The Devil’s Swordsman | Part 8

The Devil’s Swordsman - Part 8

A World of Magic Story

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“Well you see, we actually came here with the help of-” Danny was then pulled back swiftly by the grandmother. She then grabbed Sammy’s arm and pushed them back into the home.

“I don’t know who you are, but stay away from these kids! People who look like you should know better than to infest the minds of innocent people!”

“Grandma, he’s not-”

“Shut your mouth Danny! Have you learned nothing about stranger danger! You’re having me worried sick! Where are you’re parents? Doesn’t matter right now, just get inside!” The grandmother then motioned for the two to head back into the home. Sammy and Danny both looked up at the man that helped them all this time before bowing their heads in shame.

“Don’t touch these kids you good for nothing criminal! Come back and we’ll call the Magic Council on you!” The grandmother then shut the door loudly as Dragomir stood there in shock. All he could do was turn around and head back to the parade.

“People like me, huh?” The Mysterious Figure then looked forward at King David Silver and his adored crowd while he stood all alone, nobody by his side. His feelings began to fluster as anger overtook his body.

“That’s all I am… a good for nothing criminal?!” The swordsman then reached out for his sword from the back of his hood for it to be more accessible. He then climbed up to the rooftop of a building where he could see the king in full view. He proceeded to reach into his pouch to grab a multiple gray daggers.

“Sorry, but I have a job to do.” The figure whispered to himself. He then motioned quickly for the daggers to hit the king.

From the corner of Silver’s eye, he immediately saw objects rushing towards him and used a fire blast to fully diminish the speed of the daggers. When the fire disappeared, the king saw Dragomir in his view on top of a roof, looking down on him.

“Great Flare!!!” A large fireball rushed through the sky directly in the swordsman’s path. The swordsman smirked as he proceeded to bring out the purple-gripped sword. Dragomir then motioned for multiple slashes where beams of purplish energy resulted.

“Everyone, evacuate the town! I won’t tolerate actions made by a fool!” The king then flew in front of the crowd to put up a large wall of fire to block the slashes. When the spell was done, he ran towards the building and jumped on top of the rooftop. There, he upper cutter Dragomir into the air before releasing a kick of flames to make him go higher.

The king wasn’t finished yet as he released multiple fireballs towards his way. Dragomir stood still in the sky to slice every blast that projected his way. He then briefly managed to land on top of the tallest building in Summer Hold right above Silver’s throne. Silver hovered to the top as he directly faced the offender.

“The last time I was in a fight, a weak criminal dared to oppose me in the main street. In one shot, I was able to knock them out before the Magic Council arrested them. I was hoping a day like this would arrive where I would be able to battle someone mildly powerful as yourself. Before I kill you and incinerate you to ash, what is your name?”

“My name… is Dragomir Cutlass! I’m here to kill you!”

The king then proceeded to boast loudly in his face. “I’m waiting right here!”

Edit: Here’s Part 9 of the story! I had a lot of fun writing this one!


Really enjoying the series, keep it up!

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