The downfall of the Art topic

The title explains itself just go into the art topic, give it 5 minutes and you’ll understand why.


I gotta admit, not many views had made the art topic pretty minimum and quiet. Probably need to wait till the next update to make it booming with more amazing art post soon

(23 june btw)

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That didn’t even take 5 minutes.

Its a simplification of a whole month observation through the art topic

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I meant more about uh
the subject matter

What a cool triasta remodel! I wonder whats right under-


ma fuckin pancakes

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we need more catgirls, jack-o-poses, and genderbended characters!!!
(and other cool stuff)

at least we still have these legends
Screenshot 2023-06-18 132218
Screenshot 2023-06-18 132227


Don’t feel too bad islaki.

If things go right, I’ll be getting my art role next month.

Then you’ll never call this a downfall again

As much as I love to say how greater the WoM community was Pre-AO, art is certainly an interesting topic
There’s about 15x more art being posted than in WoM era and there are some really good ones

and ofc the one’s that manage to get sweats looking off of Roblox for once

All three of these are a no.
The cool stuff is good.

But there’s too much animebait and hornybait.

I just want to see stuff like this:



@ozzie is the best artist on the forums, at least in my opinion

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I want to see that man draw whitty.


I want to see him draw this man. Once.

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Yes, agreed.

acko, ins, ozzie and motormike are just on a different plane of existence

Nuh uh

Acko is one of the ones.
Have you seen how bro talks about Dame Cassenia

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