The Drachmae Pirates harpooned my Rowboat 😭

What’s funniest about this is that the pirates still call my ship “fancy”
Maybe in this timeline they’re saying it ironically :joy:


epic video doesn’t play

virgin brig fan vs chad rowboat enjoyer

Are you the rowboat of the gods guy?

I wonder what happens if you load in, sail to claw island and set spawn and reset to despawn your boat, and have your friend drive you to the location and then you swim into the cutscene

Now you are thinking like a tester!

time to try this lmao

naw they trying to find every excuse to gank you :skull:

This doesn’t work because the cutscene requires you to have a boat and be driving it unfortunately :confused:

Also if you try to spawn your boat after the cutscene, this pops up

yeah I tried and I just drowned :sob:

Nah, my usual ship is a brig. It’s just when playing through the new story on my second file I decided to use a rowboat out of curiosity of what the cutscene would look like.