The epico helios + suncry + spearbreak downbad tierlist

Thank @Nuclearman7 for making this tierlist.

And this is what it looks like

ah guild stuff

I am idlemotion

If its On a guild
Insta “wtf man” tier



Thats it
Im putting you on “wtf man” tier


guess I’m on par with Jason :wink:

nice to meet you idlemotion

Why am I there, I’m not in those guilds

Because أنت لاعب سمين مارق من فضلك اذهب للخارج

only one that is not on wtf man role

Ayo where am I at you sussy little man :flushed:

@Faust need to be all the way up there fym?

lolllll this had me crying bro. you should see what happens when me sebi and woo vc

im down in the deep rn :cold_face:

Have a good day


best tier list Jason did nothing wrong sarcasm

Before anyone puts Estaben in innocent

Also @IdleMotion move this to #guilds