The Epithet Game (but better)


got it right first try on two of my words

space sounds like an interesting epithet for a character to have.

they push away shit then send down a bigass rock

yea, most of my description was based on the meta space manipulation page from the super power wiki, which theoretically indus should be able to do if they level up enough

pls guess my epithet lol

I can activate or I have superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance. I can fly. I can control heat and air. I have the ability to overclock or overdrive anything. I can die from overuse of this epithet on myself.






both wrong

it’s more biological

That’s not your epithet how do you know

Also unreal

he told me :D


Is the epithet unreal?

Is it supernatural?

got it

how does that incorporate heat and air?

ask them or something idk

air: from increased breathing (irl airbending!111!!!11!!)
heat: THERMO FIST (actually from increased sweating which indicates heat)

Oh yeah by the way since nobody got it right let me just awnser it:

The Epithet here is: Thaw