The final tier list of magic to defeat the other tier lists

lightning is good ok and so is water

Finally someone that realizes lightning is good :frcryin:

happy wind wizard noise

w i n d p o g

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desired_usernxme’s tier lists
3 days ago
Light - A Tier

2 days ago
Light - B Tier

Light - C Tier

Light - Sad

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Light isn’t bad but every other fast magic is just better, they prob just realized that over time and slowly started to crush light’s self esteem.

pretty much

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Okay lets start:
1)Fire and plasma in B tier?Why?Did you forget about burn effect?
2)Earth in A tier?Its just a iron but mid in everything
3)Sand is too high.Sand its snow but not cold
4)Finally someone places Explosion higher than B tier!
5)Wind in S?I’ll give it A.
6)I think that S tier is: Fire, Water, Paper, Shadow…

1.) Plasma is total garbage, fire is outclassed by the other magics.

2.) Earth has the largest size while not being too slow.

3.) Sand is good.

4.) Explosion, yes.

5.) Wind is insane. Has decent damage, fast speed, decent size, and the knockback is amazing bcs it makes people miss and on occasion you can stunlock.

6.) Fire, no. Water, yes. Paper, kinda. Shadow, hell yes shadow is broken.

ight chief imma be for real the burn effect is ooga caveman in terms of damage

am i tripping or is earth way different than iron

ok i can agree

explosion is cool fire

wtf wind is 1 of the best magics for pvp because of dmg, speed, and knockback

fire s tier? idk probably A tier at most. water i can agree, paper is pretty good, shadow definitely

This list is probably the most accurate list I’ve seen someone make tbh.

The reason I wouldn’t put paper at S tier is due to it being hard to use. I take how hard the magic is to use into account when I make tier lists.

paper gives bleed and i hear that’s getting removed. although im not 100 percent sure on that so if somebody could fact check or smt that’d be pretty epic

if bleed is removed paper is getting nerfed to low A tier probably or even B

Bleed is staying, bleed stacking is being removed. It’s a pretty heavy nerf.

ok ye


i consider shadow to be a slightly improved or modified Lightning

Then you’re high

Shadow is the most meta magic rn.

Ok how long have I not beeen playing WOM